Customer Chat for WhatsApp

  • How to install plugin

    Step 1: Download the zip file from the

    Step 2: Extract the downloaded zip file on your desktop or in any folder.

    Step 3: Open the extracted folder “whatsapp-customer-chat“.

    Step 4: Here you found three folders 1) Documentation 2) License 3) Plugin.

    Step 5: Open the “Plugin” folder. Now you found the main plugin file ““.

    Step 6: Log in to your WordPress admin panel.

    Step 7: Mouse over the “Plugins” menu and click on “Add new“.

    Step 8: Click on the “Upload Plugin” button and then click on the “Browse” button.

    Step 9: Select the “” file and click on the “Upload” button.

    Step 10: Now the final step, after uploading completely click on the “Activate Plugin” button.