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  • Translations for Multilingual Websites

    • WPML

      WPML is one of the most popular WordPress multilingual plugin. It comes with a powerful translation management system that allows you to translate content, themes, plugins, and more.

      Requirements to translate a plugin using WPML

      1. WPML (WordPress Multilingual Plugin)
      2. String translation (WPML Module)

      Translate texts in admin screens

      Texts in admin screens are the texts that come dynamically from the WordPress options table. Our all plugins support wpml-config.xml file to manage the admin options translations.

      Follow the following steps to translate texts in admin screens:

      • Login to your WordPress admin dashboard.
      • Now, mouse over the WPML menu item then clicks on the String Translation (Make sure String Translation is installed and activated)

      1. Enter the part of the string or full string that you want to translate in the Search for input box.
      2. Click the Search button.
      3. Find the translation that you want to translate from the search results and then click on the translations link.
      4. Enter the translated string in the relevant textarea. Like in the example, we are translating English to French.
      5.  Click on the Translation is complete checkbox.
      6. At last, click on the Save button to save the translation.

      Important: Make sure you enabled the WPML > Languages > Language filtering for AJAX operations option else, translation in AJAX output will not work.